Graphic Design

Design is about making a great first impression.

Design is all about people’s feelings: the way someone reacts with what is displayed in front of them and the emotion it evokes.

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Design is about styles

There are hundreds of styles that can be employed to carry your message across. Good design, carries it across in a way that is appealing to the target audience. It’s not about just doing something that we like, its about doing what our customers like and then improving it, so that it appeals to their clients.

Design is about content

Great content captures its reader, but content is not only text, its images, graphs, icons graphics and more, all working together to capture the readers attention. When all are working together, great content makes for great design.

Design is about typography

The fonts you choose affect the way people think about your business. For instance, this website uses Brandon Grotesque (from Adobe Typekit), and it would be different if we used something else. Let your typeface, be as important to the face of your business.

Design is about layouts

The way you place your content is very important. You don’t have to wrap your texts into elaborate layouts: just give your customers what they are looking for. Its about knowing the rules, and breaking the rules when necessary. Good layout, makes it easy to follow the story that you want to tell.

Design is about microinteractions

We pay attention to small details: how the text is laid out on a page, how images are displayed, how your eye moves around when you look at the artwork, and so forth. All these are important to capture the viewer / reader, so that the message leaves an imprint.

Design is...

Design is everything your customers interact with. Just remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Everything from your signage, to a flyer, to your clothing need to bring your brand across.

Come and share your ideas with us, and let us help to bring them to life.