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We provide Creative and Innovative solutions to your requirements. We are a company that seeks to understand your need before offering a solution.

We are here to offer you the best solution for your request and believe in giving you an alternative, if we feel there may be something that might work better.

TwoOneSix is here to provide you with top quality Corporate Gifts & Clothing, Design & Print, Indoor & Outdoor branding or Web & Social Media marketing to promote your company and ultimately push up sales. Our brand activation is carried across all that we do.

It gives our valued clients a chance to increase awareness around their brand without spending large amounts on traditional advertising platforms or exceeding marketing budgets, ensuring that your Company achieves its desired vision.


A great way to stay in the mind of your client, is to leave something with them, that they will not easily throw away. There are hundreds of such products that we have available, that can be branded with your company logo and details for just this purpose. We also can simply brand cool looking stuff for your and your offices everyday use.


Signage may not be the first thing you think about when moving into that new office or shop, or even just for advertising purposes. However, it is what your clients will notice. If you have ever walked into a building and not known where to go.. then that company needed signage. Don't let that be your company. How would you market your company or event without Signage?


So when we say Graphic Design, what we actually mean, is making your branding / campaign / event look eye catching and keep a consistent brand image that is effective and sets the tone for your organisation or event.


You may be thinking I have a website, or why do I need my website designed. Well, a poorly constructed website or design is a reflection on your company image, and ultimately in the mind of your client, it is an eye into how professional you are, whether that is true or not. Your professionalism in what you do, should translate in every aspect of your business.




We work with you from concept. We believe in listening to your ideas and seeing how and where we can add value to it. However, even if you don't have any idea or concept of what you would like to do, we can offer our expert advice.



Once we have discussed your idea. It is then time to look at the best way forward and to work within your budget to make your idea a reality. We then do our homework, and see how best we can achieve your goal, even with a limited budget.



This is where we then take the idea & strategy (plan) and implement it. We follow this process as it reduces alot of back and forth and wasted time and money. This way, we only implement when the idea and budgets, strategy etc has been finalised.


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